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NB: This search currently only covers up to 2014. You are probably better off using the Spectrum Computing website which has them all indexed (except 2017 which we can't find either). Just set to search "crap only" in the advanced search!

Welcome to the comp.sys.sinclair Crap Game Competition (CSSCGC) Crap Game Finder! An on-line searchable database of some of the worst, badly programmed and poorly executed excuses for a game ever found on the Spectrum. Ever been looking for a really crap game, but disappointed that the contents of the CSSCGC archives aren't fully indexed anywhere? Fear no more! This search engine contains the filenames and archive year of all the entries, and includes a description and comments taken from the included text files, if available. You'll never be wondering where to find Cantona Football ever again!

See also the complete guide to writing a crap game, the official CSSCGC 2024 website and even the C64CGC (if you don't own a Spectrum, or just want to laugh at what the comp.sys.cbm crowd think "crap" means). There's even the MSX RetroCrap competition, you can't get much more crap than that.

The CSSCGC was inspired by Cascade Cassette 50. For over twenty years, nobody knew the real story behind what has gained the reputation of "the worst games compilation ever", until redkeyreddoor interviewed the author of Galaxy Defence. There are even remakes of some of the original games available, and an RZX if you can't be bothered to play them yourself. There is also a brand new 50-animated-GIF review.

A fuller history and inner workings of the CSSCGC can be found on the CSSCGC Wikipedia page. Myke-P wrote an article about Sinclair User's The Worst Game in the World! competition, which was a sort-of precursor to the CSSCGC.

If you want to link to the Crap Game Finder, please use the URL http://www.yoursinclair.co.uk/csscgc/, or create a form similar to the one on this page.

It should be pointed out that any fancy fonts shown on the screenshots are entirely the fault of a custom ROM, and not due to any competence on the part of the programmer (except in rare cases, and the culprits have since been strung up). Curious ROM enthusiasts should check out SE Basic.

Fans of crap games should check out the Top 100 Worst Games as voted for by visitors to World Of Spectrum (see also my reviews of the bottom five) and - of course - everybody's favourite crap game, Advanced Lawnmower Simulator.

And finally, here follows a brief review of every CSSCGC game ever, by 'Professor' J Frink:
"Nothing like I hoped, yet so much like what I expected."

The judges:
1996 Blood
1997 Blood
1998 Barry Salter
1999 Alistair Nelson & Graham Goring
2000 Graham Goring [Official Site]
2001 Adam D. Moss [Official Site]
2002 Paul Equinox Collins [Official Site]
2003 Dave the Lurker [Official Site]
2004 Jim Langmead [Official Site]
2005 Starglider [Official Site]
2006 Matt Rudge [Official Site]
2007 Chris Young & Phillip Lake [Official Site]
2008 Digital Prawn [Official Site]
2009 Guesser [Official Site]
2010 BloodBaz [Official Site]
2011 The Mojon Twins [Official Site]
2012 Arda [Official Site]
2013 R-Tape [Official Site]
2014 MykeP [Official Site]
2015 Lee Prince and others [Official Site]
2016 Gabriele Amore and Simon Ferré [Official Site]
2017 GReW [Official Site]
2018 Shaun Bebbington [Official Site]
2019 none
2020 John Connolly (PROSM) [Official Site]
2021 Jim Waterman [Official Site]
2022 Andy Jenkinson [Official Site]
2023 JBizzle [Official Site]
2024 Ed Toovey [Official Site]