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Conway's Soldiers
AuthorAY Chip
PositionNo ranking
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DescriptionConway's Soldiers is a solitaire game, invented by mathematician John Horton Conway in 1961. Command the Solitaire Army!This game was written in machine code, and uses the 'blast' terminal library, with Andrew Owen's 42-column font "Geneva Mono". Other software used in its creation: scrplus (to make the loading screen), bast (to create the BASIC loader & link the tape), spiffy (emulator-of-choice for testing & debugging), binutils-z80 (assembler and linker for Z80 binaries).Controls: hjkl (cursor; vi keys), spacebar (move), u (undo).
Comments"What is that?" was my first response. Too many good information to be ashamed of not knowing. Blast terminal library used on zx spectrum, 42 column geneva mono font, spiffy, bast the tape linker, and those were all for a peg solitaire game?The object of a game is to move all soldiers (yellow ones) to the blue upper side by jumping one over another. But, as every crap game, Ay Chip was so saturated doing the technical parts, the game itself ends up crap. He even put (q)uit key, and also 5th line in the upper field but everyone knows only 4th line is possible to reach with your tiny yellow soldiers.And loading screen text is not centered.I have mixed feelings about crap factor of this game but it's a worthy addendum to the cgc2012 for sure!

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