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Advanced Detection Equipment Tester Simulator
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DescriptionImpossible Mission IV
Comments Our first entry from Madmekon, Advanced Detection Equipment Tester Simulator was the inspiration of a recent article in The Register which recounts the storey about the US government handing over millions of $$$ to a firm produced bomb detectors which don't work.

And so, in this game, you are "that guy" who has the dubious task of testing the ADE-651 on a heavily mined road in Iraq.  As a result, the objective of this game is contradictory by nature.  Either you successfully test that the device doesn't working, getting yourself vaporised in the process OR you sell your soul to the devil who guides you through without ever coming across a bomb and thus failing to test the device at all.  Either way, it's probably going to be curtains for you.

Graphics are minimal.  The game includes an impressively long wait whilst the game is set up (I checked, it's not just a cop-out 100,000x loop that does nothing).  Game play is very short and merciless.  Sound and Music are well on par with a Cascade Cassette 50 effort.  Not a bad crack all-in-all.

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