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DescriptionAuthor provided no information for this game.
CommentsI waited patiently while the game is loading, for it`s the first and only entry for the time being. I watched the pixels fill the screen, then all this waiting ruined by next part of loading as it prints the program information over loading screen. I say this is a great start for a a crap game competition.The title screen is very descriptive of what`s going on. As I understand it`s a clash between golden tokens of hope and Math Goblins, as expected, totally unrelated to the game :)It`s a pacman clone with a math question at the end. It is this year`s first entry, but it`s already very crap game :) Only downside is it`s unbelievably slow. I will follow this entry to see if it picks up and sweet bellas.Wait, one last thing, the loader is broken and loading stops with an error message. Type RUN to start game after loading.

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