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Looking for a csscgc2012 theme
AuthorPaulo Silva
PositionNo ranking
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Descriptionit's just a This is a mere 'illustrated adventure' game - just press 'a' or 'b' when asked, or any key for start or when the game ends.
CommentsVectoral graphics, ulaplus, 4x6 characters, interesting screens. Ok, we know most of them are done by melbourne house in 1982, but, I'm still impressed by the technology behind it(ok, andrew, I know ulaplus is not invented by australians). This little game came with a bonus: full source code.In functionality, this piece of software is a tool. If you are an undecided type, this tool promises to help you. It guides you to find a theme for your crap game. The tool thinks my pony idea is gay, and cow is already covered in cgc2011. Damn, I should start from scratch now, my pink pony game was almost ready.I'll be waiting for someone to use this tool and code a game based on it's recommendations.I can sense some crapness about it but only an essence. And it will definitely not going to win the compo because it's kind of uncrap.

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