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Steroids Sports Diving: Splash
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DescriptionIncredible precise sports simulator. Put yourself into the skin of a muscleman participating in the London Olimpics 2012 in the diving competition.Watch carefully the Stadium scoreboard to imitate the required movements for extra points!Keys are:O-Roll leftP-Roll rightQ-Move right armE-Move left armZ-Move right legC-Move left legW-GesticulateTry to roll as much as you can for extra points!Try to dive the closer to the swimming pool centre as possible for extra points!Try to send the author 9,99$ via paypal for extra points!Enjoy!
CommentsOK, I rolled a thousand times (really fast game it is), and I somehow managed to dive very centre of the pool, I even send the $9.99 to author, but again I just scored 7. The witch with pink hair always gave me a 7, whatever I do, I think she just hates me.I am surprised because apenao almost got it this time. Very playable game apart from needlessly fast responsive controls. The game is already hard, you try to match the figure shown at the table, while falling down(diving) to the pool. It\'s crapness score is a bit low, because game is ultra-responsive, graphics are nice and animations are surprising.I\'ll watch this entry for sweet bellas, I\'m sure it\'ll get many mixed feelings.

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