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AuthorThe Mojon Twins
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DescriptionPODEWRRR! By The Mojon Twins is a lame port of a (very) well known mobile game. None of us have never ever played the original game. One of us has seen a video of it in youtube. That's enough to make a port.The game is written in the Sympholorian language. You'll understand the texts once you get used to them. Just select one level from 0 slow to 3 fastest and use Q and A. You'll know how to play once you start. Level 0 is boring and level 3 is almost unplayable. Choose 1 or 2.Oh, and the main character is that one from Zombie Calavera.
CommentsAmho as I first read it's title. It's a crapabalt game, I can see diffuculty algorith is the exact same with Diablo 3's. As you walk in the park in "normal" mode and you cannot even move one step in inferno.I like Zombie Calavera, I just didn't expected the real zombie calavera game will be a crap game when I played the prologue here: http://www.worldofspectrum.org/infoseekid.cgi?id=0025052"Zombie Calavera: Podewrrr" is released at CSSCGC2012! Sorry nathan this was a marketing mistake which will ruin the francise that you cannot take back!

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