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AuthorAnders Carlsson
PositionNo ranking
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DescriptionIn this third part of the Volos series, you are in control of Cowthilde who has been appointed to become a "rescuow". That means she is used to rescue people from the caves.Once Cowthilde is put into movement, she will keep going until she hits one end of the screen. At the right side, there is a person waiting to be picked up. Once he is picked up, guide Cowthilde back to the left side and a point of score will be awarded.To make it more difficult, Volos the bull god is back into the game. He moves back and forth at the top of the screen and suddenly will make a dive downwards. Fortunately there is a set of bricks that will prevent him from hitting Cowthilde, but for each time Volos hits a brick, it will be removed. Eventually there won't be any bricks left, and Cowthilde won't have anywhere to hide for Volos.You have a total of three cows. When you have lost the last life, you get a score summary and the chance to play again.Movement is as follows:O = Initiate movement leftP = Initiate movement leftAny other key will make Cowthilde stop where she is, which can be a useful way to wait for Volos to make his dive before moving on.If you think this game is a bit slow, it is recommended to be run on a 33 MHz ZX Spectrum or better. Or an emulator that can be boosted to 10X.
CommentsI put my emulator in full speed (as you recommend) and scored 141 before I give up after 2 minutes. I was very lucky, the bull never managed to catch me once!Sorry carlsson but you managed to cross crapness line. Anyway, it does what it says, we'll see how much sweet bellas it will gather.

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