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Olympic Reactions
Filename0914145311Olympic Reactions.zip
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DescriptionI wrote this program on Sunday, as an entry for the Spectrum30 real-timecoding contest. It was suggested that several of the entries also besubmitted to CSSCGC 2012 - so I present "Olympic Reactions", a reactiontime contest for the 16K Spectrum.I normally release any new software I create these days under GPL v3 -if that is incompatible with the contest in any way then the contestrules may override it (yes, it will -ed).
CommentsWe got another reaction game here, which has all the basic principles of reaction games: You react to something hopefully very fast.This time it's a long beep. Sadly I'm very determined to leave a message after a beep, this time I had to press a key. And I did. In the past I also wrote a reaction game, and I'm very potent on pressing keys.What this game brings new to the genre is "the theme". Olmypics makes it's way into to the game too, as you get gold, silver and bronze medals after you react :)Not bad, it lacks originality but it has different approach to a already established genre. Thanks phil!

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