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Who is this an ASCII picture of
AuthorAndrew Owen
PositionNo ranking
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DescriptionHi,Here's my entry. To play the game "who is this an ASCII picture of" you will require SE Basic IV. If you don't have it then you can delete the first line of the program, but that won't really help. 32x24 mode sucks.-chev
CommentsTrying to find Sebasic IV was already good challenge for me, so I tried to delete first line of the program then check the output. I think this makes this program's real purpose, as I try to figure out who it is in the ascii art, I remember my childhood memories of manually deciphering (with my eyes half closed) encoded adult channels on SAT. I never managed to figure out what's on that channels anyway, it was grey lines of ciphered pr0n.Same thing goes for 32x24 mode of Chev's program. In the end, I had to cheat and take a look at the supplied screenshot to find out that person is Sir Cl.. wait, you have to find it yourself!Low crap score because of technical achievement of 64 column mode.

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