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AuthorAnders Carlsson
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DescriptionThis game is entirely in Swedish, more precisely a home cooked dialect of Wermelandia. In brief summary, the game is about finding the secret island hidden somewhere in the river. This is accomplished by shining three kids of lamps onto the river:"A" shines the big lamp. You have a total of 5 of those lamps."B" shines the medium lamp. You have a total of 5 of those lamps."C" shines the smallest lamp. You only have 3 of those lamps.The two bigger lamps will give a rough estimate where to find the island, while only the smallest lamp will exactly point it out.You can also send a sonar to scan for the island by pressing "D". You have an infinite number of sonars, but those are quite inexact and will indicate both where there might be an island or some big fish.When you have found the island or have run out of lamps, the game is over.Greetings to Gustaf Frding.
CommentsLol, I found myself laughing at this game, because now I'm not sure if ikea makes fun of us or not. Brilliant idea, very nice instructions and finnish accented font, bring this game to very top of the crap game listing.Also I managed to find the island, it's realy not like an island at all.Jmna Hjartdl! (ok this bit was taken from ikea katalog)

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