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Phrase search: 18-HeHadSuchABigHeadThatIfHeWereACatHeWouldHaveToTossTheMiceFromUnderTheBedWithABrow/Mojon-Twins--hhsabhtihwachwhtttmfutbwab.tzx

Year search: 2010
Judge: BloodBaz [Official Site]

He had such a big head that if he were a cat he would have to toss the mice from under the bed with a brow
AuthorThe Mojon Twins
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DescriptionHilariously amusing game with a protagonist with the oddest head in spectrum history
Comments Could we have just stumbled upon the game with the longest title of the 80's computing era?  The Title says it all and it doesn't disappoint.  And so it shouldn't, it comes from the same people who brought you "Ultimate First Communion Simulator" (one of my all time favourite crap games for comedy value alone).

So you have mastered the Abandoned Uranium Workings, aced level 90 of Chuckie Egg, Booted the backside of Booty but have you been able to do so with a melon that is 18 feet (5.49m to the Europeans) wide?  I am sure this game will be a classic!

Graphics are very colourful, if not a little blocky.  I suppose you could say the same about the sfx also.  Animation is basic but game play is very addictive - and why not when you have 20+ screens to work through.  In a similar vein to Manic Miner, some screens have special "nasties", such as the Lair of the Serpent Duchess.  Other nice features include the in-game scrolly, and the amusing way you can get your bonce trapped between two rocks and have your legs dangling.  Still at least you can use your chin (presumably) to move left and right if you find your legs out of action!!!  Suicide is sometimes the only way out but even that is not without humour.

This game might not "win" the comp but will certainly win awards in the wierdness department.

Check out the readme but I do recommend trying to find out the passwords yourself; it isn't as difficult as it first seems.  Source code included.

Finally, if your Spanish is up to it, then read about their game on the Mojon Twins Blog.

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