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Year search: 2004
Judge: Jim Langmead [Official Site]

4K Race (48K Version)
AuthorPaolo Ferraris
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DescriptionIt seems winning the 2004 Minigame Compo (www.ffd2.com/minigame/) isn't good enough for Paolo. Now he's attempting to win the CSSCGC 2004 with the same bloody game! All he's done to the original code (which only ran on a 128K Speccy) is tweaked a tiny little byte or two so that the game is now a complete mess. Quite frankly, this is a despicable thing to do considering the many months of hard work that all the other entrants have put into creating their crap games.

I think Paolo has only entered this piece of rubbish here so that he can promote the original playable 4K Race. What a nerve, eh? I mean, *I* would NEVER stoop to such CHEAP promotional tactics in order to promote, say, my Radiohead game from the CSSCGC 2003 - which somehow only came 2nd, thanks to Woody's damn bloody BASTARD Crap Invaders. Luckily I have got over the bitterness and trauma now, and I no longer hold a grudge. I don't even bring up the subject any more. I mean, it was only a Crap Game Compo, right? It really doesn't matter. I can cope. Why did you have to mention it? Look, just drop it, OK?

Tsk. Now, where was I. Oh yes, 4K Race. Erm, it's crap. Right, that's that. Move along please, nothing more to see here.

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