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Year search: 2005
Judge: Starglider [Official Site]

Al Toro!
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DescriptionI liked this one, on a purely crap level. The graphics have had a lot of time spent on them - the bull actually looks like one, the poor bloke you're going to have gored to death looks like a ... well, a bloke who's gonna get gored, and there's nice textures for the sky and arena. Poor sound, like it's been added as an after thought. As was the gameplay.

It's dire. You can see what the author wanted to achieve (Aside from having a dig at bullfighting - I don't see the problem personally, if people want to die by bull horns, you should let them. Oh, is that not the point?) but the game itself is very poorly executed. Unlike your main character. Obviously the author is quite talented, at least in the ideas department. However, his execution stinks. Plus there's got to be some machine code in there. Anyway, this one is a good example of a crap game - nice idea, nice presentation, absolutely no game. 7/10!

CommentsSince I am reviewing all the games in alphabetical order, this was the first game under fire, and straight away points were lost for fancy bold text, choice of keyboard or joystick and FANCY GRAPHICS!!! Has the art of crap programming tricks, poorly executed UDG art and lack of programming talents been lost?

Things look up when you play the game. I have always been a sinclair joystick keyboard fanboy, so seeing the ability to use 67890 for my controls were a good start. But then select one of the options and press fire? Repeated pressing of the number "0" resulted in nothing, and only after pressing space resulted in playing. Nice!

But again, nice background graphics? Actual fairly fast gameplay? Points lost there too. I actually could score respectably once I knew what to do.

All in all, I'd have to give this a crap score of 4/10.

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