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Adventure in Bristol
AuthorGarry Lancaster
PositionNo ranking
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DescriptionAdventure In Bristol is a blend of many different adventure games of the time. For example, it has the depth of "Planet of Death", the vocabulary of a Scott Adams adventure, the atmospheric descriptions of "The Hobbit", the sheer speed of execution of "Lord Of The Rings", logic to rival "Ship Of Doom" and a lack of bugs to compare with "Kentilla". A masterpiece!
CommentsDIE OF SHOCK as you experience this devastating piece of software! While other lower quality games may take you to distant alien worlds or far distant times, Adventure in Bristol is the first adventure to ever dare take you as far as BRISTOL!!!! Billions of locations, thousands of gigabytes of text and unbeliveable sound make this one of the finest text adventures ever produced since the beginning of time. Give Moses the choice between this game and the ten commandments, and we'd all be sinning like bloody hell but satisfied on the game front!

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