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Judge: Graham Goring [Official Site]

Miner Willy's Nightmare
AuthorMatthew Smith (Yeah, right)
PositionNo ranking
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DescriptionThis game fell through a worm-hole from a parallel universe so I thought I'd enter it on the understanding that I didn't write it, so if it wins I don't get a prize. :(
CommentsThe popular theme of perverting other people's work in an attempt to win a prize continues apace this year (Derek Jolly, you have a lot to answer for) with the coding equivalent of tip-ex-ing out "Charles Dickens" and writing in "It wuz me" on the cover of The Pickwick Papers and expecting a Booker Prize. Actually, truth be known the person who entered this one had the decency to fore-go his/her prize if he/she won on the ground that the game "fell through a worm-hole from a parallel universe".

Anyway, what we have here is a copy of Atic Atac (which I suppose I'm breaking the law by distributing. Um, should be interesting to see if this CSSCGC entry makes it to WOS) with about 40 bytes altered. Sickening, just sickening.

Still, it plays a blinder of a game.

On further thought, based on the recent Thumb Candy programme and Matthew's admittance that he wasn't above ripping off someone else's ideas (Miner 2049'er) maybe this is by the genuine article. Cor lummy, eh? Still don't have his address for the prize, though.

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