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Year search: 2010
Judge: BloodBaz [Official Site]

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DescriptionXAMPP port for Spectrum 2010(c)This is NOT a game. It's a developer tool that includes Apache, MySQL & PHP.Ported & Compiled for Spectrum by Firelord Quality Games LTD.
Comments This, our first entry to the 2010 compo arrived on the day of opening from Firelord.

If you are a software developer like me, you might be familiar with the XAMPP toolset.  Well, I was quite excited when Firelord sent me an email saying that he had successfully ported it to the ZX Spectrum (16K or 48K version wasn't stated however). I say successfully in the broadest sense of the word however...

Excitedly, I booted it up and was reassured by the intro screen but after that, things did tend to go downhill a bit.  After some initial warnings and prompts, the start up process hit one brick wall after another, each feeling like a slap in the face.  Not only was some kind of virus attacking the MYSQL server, but my log file was apparently decorated with firewall and port issues.  Obviously my humble speccy was straining at this point as familiar ZX BASIC error codes came in.  Eventually I had to pull the power plug from my machine but it was too late - I now have another lifeless speccy to use as a doorstop.  Another one bites the dust.... just like this app.

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