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Year search: 2005
Judge: Starglider [Official Site]

Election '05
PositionNo ranking
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DescriptionA game about the recent election has to be entertaining, yes? You'd not be wrong. Chaosmongers has taken the 5 yearly circus and turned it into a laugh a minute romp through the nastier side of tabloid reporting which in turn affects the results dramatically. No manifestos for these parties - it's sensation all the way.

Presentation sparkles all the way through, and a strange level of gameplay arises from the wheel of fortune screen when you realise that the same numbers results in the same behaviour from your party. Just got to try and hit that number 6 again... Flash border effects abound, with barely readable scrolly text and annoying sound effects to complete the package. Unfortunately, it's far too playable, despite the copouts with the scores at the end. It's accurate though, I've not seen Labour lose yet.

I'd give this one 5/10, as like Spot the Dot II it's quite a playable and addictive little game, and not nearly crap enough.

CommentsFirst thing you see is a terribly coloured loading screen of Maggie Thatcher, although the fact the loading screen is named "Hail Satan" made me chuckle.

Don't even bother trying to read the scrolly text once loaded, as it goes really too fast. Again, another nice touch.

In-game, it's been nicely presented, but the whole game is really a random chance of winning. I had a couple of goes, and the BNP party won first time, the Lib Dems the second, so it's not really accurate by any means!

I can only score this an average 5/10, because the good way it's been made. Multi-coloured border bars??? Come on!

Spot the Dot 2
AuthorAndrew 'spike1' Halliwell
PositionNo ranking
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DescriptionThis is vaguely reminiscent of a game I once saw reviewed in Crash. Trans-Am, I think it was. The main playfield looks very much like that, with lots of dots in it. And that's the point - you have to find, amongst a shedload of red pixel-dots, one single red pixel-dot. The dot isn't totally anonymous, as it moves under the cover of darkness (the screen goes black) and by carefully monitoring all the dots on the screen you can quite easily spot it. You have at your disposal three sensor sweeps, which will ring the dot making it even more obvious. Move your black search-o-dot over the offending miscreant, and victory is yours. Only once, mind, as the game will literally STOP and drop back to BASIC when you do. Or when you die, it's pretty much the same thing.

I found this vaguely entertaining. It's not too hard, and quite well presented. The fades to black are smoothly executed (Assuming your emulatior doesn't do screen update timings too accurately) and it does exactly what it says on the tin. I'll give this one 5/10 - a good effort, nicely done, but not crap enough. It's ineptitude we need here.

CommentsFind the dot that's hidden on screen. If you fail, it will "Mind Blast" you. And you have sensors! The dot apparently moves too!

I got it first time! This is not Spot The Dot I remember. You remember, the impossible to complete one! Again, the STOP statement is used to end the game here. And it is quite a tedious game, so a point added there too.

I'll give this a nice 6/10

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