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Phrase search: cargame.zip

Year search: 2008
Judge: Digital Prawn [Official Site]

FormatZX Spectrum 48K
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DescriptionArda tells me that this game is over twenty years old, but it has been modified especially for CSSCGC 2008!

This game is actually quite fun as you drive along the pothole-ridden road earning plenty of cash as you do so. Although through modern eyes it could look more like the cost of fuel you are burning as you drive along!

Recently, I've fallen into the habit of only posting loading screens/intro screens on the game pages to leave an element of surprise on playing the game. So to see it, you'll have to play it!

From the supplied instructions:-

CAR GAME! (By Arda - 1985)

Make your way through 10 challenging levels of hole-jumping mayhem in this arcade action game.
Features woody's turbo loading protection so you can't take it and pirate it!

How to play:
carefully jump over the deep holes using Space bar. You will gain more score while jumping.
Good luck!

CommentsIn the UK, motorways, major highways and?regional and national trunk roads are maintained?100% by the highways agency and are generally?kept in very good condition. Other A-roads, B-roads and unclassified roads however are funded to varying degrees by local councils and the results are?unpredictable to say the least. Some of them are strewn with potholes, as depicted in this game. The ASCII-rendered car and road makes this exactly the sort of game that would be found in many type-in listings books, back in the day. Watch the road ahead or you may find the wheels come off. It's crap in its own way and yet somehow quite playable so a reasonably good score awarded. Please note also that this game is around twenty-four years old as I write this!

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