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Phrase search: ultimate-first-communion-simulator.tzx

Year search: 2008
Judge: Digital Prawn [Official Site]

Ultimate First Communion Simulator
AuthorMojon Twins
FormatZX Spectrum 48K
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Descriptionna_th_an tells me:- "Your goal is gain salvation. First walk in line to the church, trying to keep in line without crashing with your front or back pal. Then take communion from Mr. Parkinson pressing SPACE at time. And then, the longest gameplay in history! more than 67 years of gameplay, avoiding falling in the temptation of pressing SPACE to sin... If you manage to do that, you'll go to heaven. :D"
CommentsThe winner of CSSCGC 2008 is a game that is fantastically crap! With vivid, colourful and detailed block graphics and gameplay and plot that just ooze originality. It's got a pretty wicked streak of humour too which caused much hilarity when played with office workmates. But, what makes it hilarious for me is the final message at what you think is the end of the game, telling the player that they are still in the game for another 67 years. In effect I am still playing it now! It has also unsurprisingly been reviewed by SnakeOilSteve in one of the earlier CSSCGC 2008 tape magazines.

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