Stuart N Hardy: Who and What?

Is this Stuart N Hardy?

Well, no-one really knows. Information collected to date includes:

  • He likes writing letters. (perhaps an understatement there)
  • In fact, he writes them using coloured pens, using underlining and bold.
  • He watches Casualty and Coronation Street on the telly. Oh, and 5 News and Family Affairs. And The Bill.
  • His favorite television show is Neighbours!!
  • He has an opinion on (almost) everything.
  • He has a twin brother ("Paul"), who once wrote into Amiga Power defending him in exactly the same style. And somehow managed the impossible: to be even more drastically tedious.
  • Oh, and "Paul" works at a sorting office or something, so might "deal" in "stamps".
  • He once managed to get FOUR different letters on various teletext services at exactly the same time.
  • He lives in a village roughly 10 miles outside Sheffield city centre, and went to Wales Comprehensive school (1984-1988)
  • Stuart works in the W.H. Smiths store in the MeadowHall shopping centre, Sheffield (junction 34 off the M1). He can be found mostly working behind the lottery counter. Just look for the guy with a receding hair line.
  • I think we can safely say that he's single. (confirmed)
  • He is 26 (as at 1-Dec-98) and has never been pissed. (confirmed)
  • He looks like a stick insect and sounds like one when he speaks.
  • His birthday is somewhere between 1st December and the 9th May.
  • Stu also still cannot drive
  • He never/almost never goes into pubs/out/anything other then catching buses to work then home again.
  • It has been suggested by a certain source (Stu himself) that he HAS had at least one girlfriend (not confirmed).
  • He is a huge fan of GeekTrek
  • He still lives at home with his Mum
  • He now owns a Playstation 2
  • Stuart is the only person in history to actually complete Jet Set Willy on the C64 without cheating!!
  • And that's it really.

Thanks to Jonathan Nash, Blackhawk, Dan Summers and the anonymous person below for some of that information

Somebody who wanted to remain anonymous (for some reason) writes:

Just to let you know that Stuart N Hardy lives around the corner from me (sort of). I only found out who he was when reading a letter in some computer mag years ago when I noticed that the person who wrote it came from the same village as me. I asked my sister if she knew who he was, she said yes, and her reply also included the words 'sad' and 'loser'. Also, one of my supervisors at work knows who he is, and described him in similar terms.

Oh, and he comes into the shop where I work to buy stamps a lot (10 second class -cheapskate- and 5 cashback every time). And he sends Christmas and Valentines cards to a (female) friend at work with his phone number in. Subtle, eh? And he talks exactly like you'd expect him to.

Robin Hogg of ZZAP 64! writes:

I used to work on Crash and ZZAP64 magazines and he was writing to us in the late 80's and early 90's with complete drivel then. From what I remember he used to either underline important words or put the IMPORTANT words in bold (different colours of course). Of course we used to bin them but occasionally when desperate we may have put one in (big mistake I know).