Sir Clive: His Seven Wonders of the Wurl'

This week our guest Sir Clive Sinclair, the renowned inventor and Father Lionel Fanthorpe lookalike, famous for his pocket calculator and electric tricycle, will be telling us about his own personal 7 wonders of the world. He has chosen:

  • the sowing of crops,
  • the life and work of David Bellamy, in fact the person David Bellamy,
  • the abnormalities of the Poisson Statistical Distribution,
  • the music of the grasshopper,
  • the yellowing of days-old newspapers,
  • the fraility of butterflies,
  • and the abbreviation of Channel 5 to C5.

(Sir Clive whittles on for 25 minutes about the above mentioned items, and was still talking about them in the pub after filming had finished.)