Arcade Magazine

Arcade c.1989

Arcade Magazine, Issue 1: It's another magazine launched by Bielby, which he'll probably leave in about 3 issues time. The thing about it is there are few interesting names. There was a letter from one Trenton Webb who is a designer at Binary Asylum ("I've been heavily involved in the design of our own Star Trek : New Worlds"), as well as a letter from Head of Scripting at Bullfrog, James Leach ("The real craze for us is our own Populous : The Beginning"). Several other familiar names crop up : Robin Alway (Reviews Editor), Rich Pelley (Staff Writer) and Jonathan Davies (Contributor).

As magazines go, it's actually quite good, a sort of generic games magazine crossed with a "lifestyle" magazine. Even if Bielby has started to look like Victor Meldrew's neighbour Nick Swainey.

Issue 2

Bielby's editorial reads as follows:
"On a slightly sadder note (for me anyway), this is my last issue on Arcade. I've got some things lined up for '99 that may lead to me spending some time in Japan and Germany." Oh, like I didn't expect THAT. One letter printed was praising Jonathan Davies, to which they responded by printing a picture of him and a caption reading, "Jonathan Davies : still writing, still the most dryly funny man alive." Oh, and there's an interview with a shaven Sir Clive.

Issue 8

We get featured. Hurrah!