The YSAC Reader's Problems (solved)

Do you have a problem?
Are you uncool?
Are you embarrassed about your bright red anorak?
Or anything else?
Auntie Madge is here to help!

"Hello Loves. Loads and loads of letters this week, so let's jump straight into the mailbag..."

Auntie Madge, the forgetful loon, has gone and completely lost all the letters she has ever received. Don't let this happen to you with a special edition YSAC box file, only 4.99.

Do you have a question for Auntie Madge? Simply add it to this page and and it will be answered within seven days*. We regret that we cannot send personal replies.

* Unless Madge is on holiday, or nobody can be bothered to reply, in which case it may take longer.