Bush Tucker Man (tm)

"This here fella's the creek yabby. If you crack his shell open, he makes fair dinkum tucker." So says the Bush Tucker Man (tm), known to his friends and family as Les Hiddins, or to the English viewers as 'countryside food bloke'. Les is well known on Channel 4 for his adventures out in the bush where he survives on his own for up to 3 weeks with only a cameraman for company. Here are a few classic Bush Tucker Man quotes:

"You're probably wondering why I swam so fast across that river back there. The answer is that it's full of crocs!"
"All these creeks are named after people who died in the area. What I can't understand is how a bloke could die with so much tucker around." (points at yummy looking sand to illustrate.)
"See this little bloke? He's a Bush Almond. Superb Tucker! He's got 3 times the energy content of beef steak."

Bush Tucker Man was last seen on UK TV alongside Ray Mears in "The Countryside Food Bloke talks to the Bush Tucker Man", in which countryside food bloke Ray Mears spoke to bush tucker man Les Hiddins for an entire hour while being filmed.