give me (5)

Uncle Clive recently invested a lot of cash into Channel 5 Television. Why? Well if Channel 5 got the contract for Channel 5, then Channel 5 would be commonly abbreviated to C5 - a cunning advert for the C5. Everyone will talk about C5 as if its good, and the small percentage of the population who can't receive C5, will buy a C5 due to completely misunderstanding what everybody is talking about. Clever, huh?

Incidentally, a recent survey conducted by some poor chap on a rainy (and also rather cold) day outside MacDonalds, showed these five shows to be the best of all time:

  1. Channel 5 Test Transmission
  2. The Weather, with John Kettley
  3. The Terrace
  4. Bush Tucker Man
  5. Daz Doorstep Challenge