What Else Is Sir Clive Up To?

As well as being a fully fledged inventor, dear old Uncle Clive is also a professional in the internationally acknowledged sport of C5 racing, which is a bit like Formula 1 only with C5s. Last year he came 2nd in the World Championships which were held in Cirencester, Wiltshire, where he was beaten by the current No 1 C5 racer, Paul Shane, from TV's Oh Dr Beeching! Clive did however pip many other hopefuls at the post, such as the former Daily Mirror editor Piers Morgan and American law-breaking 'Film Star' Traci Lords. The bookies' favourite for the race was newsreader and University Challenge presenter Jeremy Paxman, but he span off the track after lap 27. Click the button above-right to see a clip from the race, courtesy of Sky Sports. If the clip doesn't work, just try to imagine what it would be like to see Sir Clive racing in his own invention.

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