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The Darling Brothers - Richard and David (not necessarily in that order)


Codemasters was simply the best software house which released software for the Spectrum (apart from Gardensoft, of course). It was started up by Dave and Rich Darling, who now own big red cars. T-Zers column in YS (which T'zer probably didn't write, considering she'd left about 4 years before) it stated that the Codies favourite platform was the Speccy, and they would never stop supporting it. I haven't seen much software being released for it by them recently, though.

David was ABSOLUTELY BRILLIANT at writing AMAZING quotes on all the CLASSIC and rather EXCELLENT Codemasters games, most of which had STUNNING graphics, ASTOUNDING sound effects and INCREDIBLE gameplay!

And, ten years on, he still hasn't lost his touch. Read this quote from the News of the World;

"I want someone to have LOTS OF FUN with, I want us to go on ABSOLUTELY BRILLIANT holiday and do AMAZING stuff together. I am JUST LIKE A REAL sensual person, but I am looking for MORE GAMEPLAY and something deeper than a one-night stand. Girls can write to me to have an ASTOUNDING date. I am definitely not a nerd." David Darling

So, there you go girls - e-mail if you're that desperate.

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