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The Bloke That Won A Shed

Left: The bloke who won a shed. Excellently, Andy and Linda arrived with the Shed when yon bloke was at school. So he came home to find a shed in the garden with Andy and Linda sitting outside, drinking tea. Hurrah!

Your Sinclair ran many increasingly successful and irrelevant competitions, which had prizes such as sheds, garden strimmers and 'a fanzine kit' (made up of a Pritt Stick and some paper). The competition questions were equally as ridiculous, ranging from 'How many beans in a tin of Sainsbury's baked beans?' to identifying, out of a drawing of 3 blokes and a list of song titles, which bloke was listening to which song.

But the best competition ever run by YS was the christmas time 'A Competition On (Almost) Every Page' compo. This comprised of literally a competition on (almost) every page, and you had to fill in a form in the back with your answers from the compos on (almost) every page, and then send it off to YS under an extremely long address for which you needed a 2 metre long envelope.

Your Sinclair: It's Crap! (in a funky skillo sort of way)

Right: The most coveted prize ever : The YS T-Shirt, boasting the legend "It's Crap!" But they never sold any.

Andy Malcolm wrote in to tell us:

I won the strimmer! I gave it to my mother and father and was expecting to be gloriously compensated with maybe a tenner or something, but alas, I wasn't. I think they used it for about 10 years before it finally gave up the ghost. It must have been a high quality garden implement.

Jonathan Nash felt compelled to tell us that his personal favourite compo ever was AP's MulTImEDia one*. Few people will have seen it, because it came with the ill-fated CD32 edition of AP49. The compo was on the back of the CD inlay and was truly in multiple mediums. Ia.

The questions were these:

Harrison Ford is a famous actor.

1. Draw a picture of Harrison here.

2. Fill this square with something Harrison would find pleasing to the touch.

3. Make this card smell of Harrison's favourite fruit - lemons.

I received an e-mail from Tom Sheen about the above competition, which read:

I was a joint winner of Mr. Nash's favourite competition. That would have been a much better thing had it not been for the fact I had second choice, therefore ended up with the lesser games (Like Fly Harder).

* This isn't strictly relevant, but there was a bit of space here which needed filling up, and that fitted in quite nicely.