Ol' Culkus here, isn't it

Test Card Culkus

Alright?! Old Culkus here isn't it, old Culky, as mi mates say. I've just got myself a nice little earner isn't it - I've gone and got myself a prescription to PC Zone doesn't it. And guess what? I don't have to borrow mi mum's tricycle and go down the shops and get it. No, they deliver it to mi nice flat in Feltham Green. I can't tell you how much I saved, but take it from me - This boy done good. You wanna call up the credit card hotline like what I done. I goes to them 'Oi! Get me a prescription - now!' and they goes 'Yeah?' so I goes 'Yeah!' and they goes 'Yeah?' so I goes 'Yeah! Give it to old Colin - right in mi letterbox.'

This is ol' Culky, isn't it?

What do you want to see, isn't it?