Culky's Millennyum

Geez! Alright? Old Colin here isn't it, old Culkus as me mates say. Listen, old Culky's got himself a nice little earner isn't it?! You see, we've just been celebrating the millennyum over at mi nice flat in Feltham Green, and that's gave old Colin an idea, doesn't it. That's right, cos Colin's mum bought him some nice stamps with '200' written on them, and that, old Culks has come up with his own Commemorative Millennyum Plates! You see, mi aunt Nora, what lives in America and that, likes to hang plates on her wall. These aren't normal plates like what you eat 'mouth-petrol' off of though; these are special plates with drawings of farms and forests and cats and that on them isn't it! I goes, "Nora, babes, someone's drawn all over your dinner set isn't it! Let old Culky know who done it and he'll sort them out with a bit of Feltham rumble isn't he!" So she goes, "Colin, dear, them's supposed to have piccies on, cos they're collectors editors or sumfink." So I goes, hang on, I can make a bit of 'nice-paper' here. So take Colin's advice and go down Spoils Kitchen Shop like what I done. Then get some felt tips, and put your own piccies on, and make your own collector's editors. Check out some of old Colin's Commemorative Millennyum Plates below* :

Also, Colin's been trying to right a book isn't it, cos it would be a nice little earner to win the nobel peace prize, isn't it. I don't know what it's about yet, but take it from me, this is going to be the best book since sliced bread. Anyway, as part of my research, old Colin's drawn up a list of stuff like what people like to read about :

  • fast cars and chases and that
  • guns and people shooting guns
  • Bad guys that are played in the film by Alan Rickman
  • girls taking their tops off and that

Catch yers later


* Somebody appears to have stolen the picture of Culky's plates - Ed