David 'ÜberFrägMeister' McCandless

David 'McVicar' McCandless has written for many games magazines for quite some time now. After leaving YS he went for a stint on 16-bit-sister-mag-to-YS Zero, which, as the description above suggests, was a bit like YS, only about Atari STs and Amigas and stuff. He then left to work on Game Zone, a sort of Zero for consoles, and also the birthplace of legendary character Colin Culk, isn't it. Whilst on Game Zone he was notoriously known for his like for violence, this being reflected in the 'Cartridge Family' section of the magazine (which was a bit like YS's joystick jugglers). Finally, he left to work on PC Zone, where he still works to this day.

Last November he entered the International Doom (tm) Tournament, in which he promptly won the UK heats and jetted off to Seattle where he lost pathetically, due to technical difficulties (well, the PCs were using Windows 95® and the mice didn't work properly. Anyway, Macca didn't want to win, because he wanted to get a drink after round 2). He followed this up with a successful challenge on Gamesmaster where all he had to do was finish a level of Quake what had been designed by some kid. It was really easy though, even I could have done it. Anyway Macca is still the best at Doom (tm) and anyone who says he is not is wrong.

Dave McCandless became a successful media guru and meme artist and he just had a baby (well his girlfriend did...). He has also single-handedly rewritten The Internet, with a little bit of help.