Whistlin' Rick Wilson (aka David Wilson)

Whistlin' Rick Wilson - Vinyl
Davey's Autograph

Whistlin' Rick Wilson was the pop sensation pseudonym of YS team member, Davey Wilson. "Whistlin' Rick" only had song, "Hold My Hand Very Tightly (Very Tightly)", which was included on issue 44's covertape in August 1989. There were rumours that Rick Astley made claims that the song was his, or at least very similar to his number one hit "Never Gonna Give You Up". Decide for yourself as to whether Rick Astley was right. Just click on the play button on the right. We apologise for the poor sound quality, but it's not Whistlin' Rick's fault he can't sing.

Whistlin' Rick's song was once played on Radio 1. Someone had phoned Phillip Schofield's show and requested "Hold My Hand Very Tightly (Very Tightly)". The song was subsequently played, and Phillip even sang along at the end - "Hold my hand very tightly, very tightly, very tightly. Hold my hand very tightly oooooooooo.". Whistlin' Rick threatened to sue, and Duncan's sister helpfully recorded the last five seconds.

Interestingly, the Hold My Hand Very Tightly (Very Tightly) tape was the only one to be sold out when the Shed Inventory was taken. This annoyed Jonathan Nash greatly, as he'd never heard the song until discovering that MPEG thing. Which was probably only due to reading this. Still, it shows the popularity of the song in question.


This is one of Davey's holiday pictures that he showed to editor Matt and the rest of the YS team.