Do you see?

Digitiser was the name given to Teletext's daily (nearly daily) computer games news and reviews pages.

With the exception of crap jokes the readers sent in (a personal fave being "How many Digitiser staff does it take to change a lightbulb?" "Don't ask us, man, we don't know."), Digi had more than it's fair share of crap jokes and "humour". Yes, "humour". For the most part, Digitiser wasn't funny. The Man (With A Long Chin) was not funny. The letters page consists of people complaining that "this game got 1% more than that game", and Stuart N Hardy. Which wasn't funny. But, it did have good points...

Well, one.

The reveals were positively good (the ones marked as "reveal-o-jokes" generally weren't), especially at the weekend when a whole story can go by during the letters for the Hot Topic.

They had snakes. They had Judge Jules on one week. They had Morse & Lewis, and the Rapping Shoe. They had Mr T's advice to not play near his bins and garage. It was far better than "Turner The Worm". Well, almost.

The only problem being that my telly doesn't have a "reveal" button. Do you see?

Mr Biffo now runs Digitiser 2000 and is creating, erm, this:

See the Digitiser2000 YouTube channel for more Found Footage.