Now, for the first time ever, to celebrate the 10th anniversary of the completion of Your Sinclair: A Celebration (Genesis version), the original 1997 update !YS application is now available for download.

You will need to download both of the below files, and be using Windows. If you are using RISC OS and have a working version of Genesis browser already, then that's good too. Please send me a copy so I can make it available.

Genesis Browser for Windows has a tendency to complain about invalid fonts or somesuch. You can click past these errors. You can probably get a requester blocker to get rid of them for good.

Slightly more up-to-date is the AmigaGuide 1998 extras version, which is text-only.

We also have the 2007 vintage special edition, raw HTML archived from the cut-over to the Wiki. Essentially this is YSAC way after its peak, when everybody who wanted to read it had read it all, nothing much had been added since Jonathan Nash sent in a load of contributions somewhere around 1999, some pages added after 1998 had been "banned", a load of scripts were broken due to unexpected hosting disappearance, and nobody could find it anyway as there were no links pointing to the new server. Still, it's a little easier to print out and accidentally leave on the train.