The Complete ALS Downloads Page

Here is a list of all known versions of ALS, including a couple which are not downloadable. Don't delete from this list - only add to it! If a download is no longer available, remove the link.

ALSAmazon Echo Unsatisfactory Software 15-Feb-18 
ALS 2015Android MrFavus 16-Jun-15 
ALS+BBC, RISC OS Darren Salt9K09-May-99 
ALS, ALS+, othersAmiga 680x0 Unsatisfactory Software256K  
als.libraryAmigaOS 2.04+ Unsatisfactory Software56K16-Jan-00 
ALSAmiga 680x0Phil Devaney61K  The Aminet Files
ALSAmiga 680x0C-Monster/Team 4.534K  
ALS Pro UnfinishedAMOS Source Unsatisfactory Software   
ALSCasio fx-7300G Unsatisfactory Software2K21-Jun-98 
ALSCodebug Andy Kavanagh 25-Nov-15 
ALSPsion/EPOC Duncan Murray26K  
ALSFIGnition   See video below!
ALSFLEX Unsatisfactory Software11K16-Aug-98 
ALSGameboy Andy Kavanagh8K10-Jan-00 
LawnboyGameboy Colour 10K13-Jun-01 
LawnmowerGameboy ColourSprite Of Purple Gem9K13-Jun-01 
ALS AdvanceGameboy Advance Andy Kavanagh466K17-Feb-04 
ALS 2000Java/mobile phones Nat Cross 30-Apr-07 
ALSHypercard/MacOS Steve Checkley31K13-Jun-01 
ALSMSX Unsatisfactory Software7K16-Aug-98 
Advanced Lawnmower Simul8torPICO-8 Andy Kavanagh 19-Oct-16 
ALSHTML Unsatisfactory Software 07-May-98 
ALS 2015HTML5/on-line MrFavus 16-Jun-15 
ALS+Java/on-line Darren Salt 09-May-99 
ATTLDJava/on-linePurchox 17-Aug-08 
ALS 2: Revenge Of King ZordFlash Phil Legard/Normski Softwarez 28-Feb-00 Review
ALSFlash Andy Thomas 01-Jun-20 
16-bit Lawnmower SimulatorFlash  28-Nov-07 
ALSMS-DOS Unsatisfactory Software14K  
ALS 2000MS-DOS Cheeky Monkey Studios800K  
ALSWindows Andrew Farmer8K  
ALSWindowsRobert Smith12K22-Jun-00 
ALS '98 BetaWindows Unsatisfactory Software182K08-Jun-98 
ALS 2000Windows Cheeky Monkey Studios765K  
Lady Priest LawnmowerWindows 4MB16-Jun-15 
ALS 2015Windows MrFavus 16-Jun-15 
Lawnmower GameWindowsTero Lunkka/Mikko Seppälä 20-Jul-17Not Free
ALSRM380Z Unsatisfactory Software   
SuperALSPascal (source only)Scott Tunstall7K  
ALS SnapshotSpectrum 48K (SNA)Duncan MacDonald/Gardensoft4K  Review
ALS tape fileSpectrum 48K (TAP)Duncan MacDonald/Gardensoft2K  Review
Mow BusinessSpectrum 48K (TZX) Matthew Westcott/Gasman Productions13K  
A Gameboy EmulatorSpectrum 48K (TAP) Andrew Owen/Brand New Games4K12-Feb-01 
ALS II128K Spectrum (TAP)J.Aron/J.Aron Software Ltd3K  
ALSVB SourceChance 01-Jul-15 
ALSZ88 Joe Mackay2K15-Jul-99 
ALSZX81 Joe Mackay2K22-Nov-98 

Proper lawnmower games (erm, but ALS is a proper lawnmower game - Ed)

These are other lawnmower games that aren't based on ALS.

Teenage LawnmowerWindows
LawnMower 2.4Windows
Mow The Lawn48K Spectrum (SNA)David Anderson/ Sinclair Programs Nov843K
Mower Mania8K Vic-20
Lawnmower Simulator 2007 for Wii and PS3 - is this for real?

There is also a lawn-mowing sub-game in No More Heroes.

Grass Cutter - Mutated Lawns (2019, various platforms)
Lawnmower Game: Next Gen (2021, Switch)
Lawn Mowing Simulator (2021, Steam/Xbox)
ALS: A Visual Novel - heavily based on the Spectrum game (also stretching the definition of "proper" - Ed)

And, as a special treat, here is ALS on FIGnition: