Duncan MacDonald

Mr Cursor

Duncan MacDonald, pictured right, was quite possibly the best at exploiting the Spectrum to it's full potential with his must-own game, Advanced Lawnmower Simulator. Click on the icon below-left to play. (Java version)


To play ALS, select the lawnmower you wish to use from the menu. Press "M" to mow, Esc to quit.
Warning: This is very addictive!!


Duncan wrote, in his column in PC Zone magazine, on how to prepare a cockroach for human consumption. He was inspired by Channel 4's Bush Tucker Man. We believe that this delightful recipe should be shared with the world.
To read the cockroach preparation page, click on the cockroach picture.

Dunc MacDonald was one of the funniest people in the entire world. (Funnier even than the photograph of Eric Morecambe in the Chambers Encyclopaedia of the Twentieth Century, which shows him looking into camera with six pipes in his mouth and is captioned, "Is this Britain's funniest man?")

After his PC Zone work, Duncan seemingly disappeared. But maybe not quite - Snouty takes up the story: "Dunc McDonald lives in a flat in E. Sussex, but very little else is known."

And then, further evidence appeared, courtesy of Steve Clappison. We have reason to believe that this link takes you to Dunc's dole diary. Going under the pseudonym of Duncan Donaldo, Dunc tries to take on the identity of the bloke who used to live in the flat below him, whilst playing Dole Lotto and trying to work out how to kill Tim-Tom.

Duncan's first novel is coming out this month (that's March 2004 - Ed) based on the South Coast diaries he wrote, which can be found at the above link. The book is called S.C.U.M. and David McCandless writes "It'd be great if old Your Sinclair fans could support Duncan by buying a copy. He does really live on the dole for about 12 a week. None of the Dole officer workers believe he's a writer."
Update: This book was not published on the specified date.

Duncan did briefly appear on Twitter before losing his keyboard down the back of the sofa or something. Sadly, in October 2020 Duncan passed away. His last act was to finally get his book published, and you can buy it from Amazon by clicking here.

Click on Dunc's face to check out a flow chart he made recently.