The Future Entertainment Show

The Future Entertainment Show - A Show Report by Simon Cooke

At the first Future Entertainment Show (or "FES"), I spent most of the day wandering around in a trenchcoat and fedora "in character". This was an very silly mistake, because due to a mixup at the local amateur dramatics society, the costume was a size or two two big for me. Not only that, but the air conditioning wasn't providing air, nor conditioning it, turning the entire Earl's Court arena into something resembling beef soup (annoyingly, the whole day could have been made much better if there were croutons). For the first couple of hours (due to an embarassing mix-up, during which Andy Crane nearly opened a door into my face), I was pretending to be "Checkerton Fisnell, US Representative", until I got my proper flashy (but crap, in a funky skillo sort of way) show badge. Simon Hindle, thinking this was an amazing feat of prestidigitation, proceeded to make his own out of two yoghurt pots and a piece of string. After being told by the bouncers at the VIP suite that no, it wasn't an ID badge, but some kind of primitive communications device, he managed to obtain my badge. I managed to obtain my badge too. After untangling our hands, and swapping badges three times for effect, we were prepared to sample the delights of the free drinks and food.

Great larks were had by all, especially on the inflatable laser tag thingy at the end (which Stuart Anderson, Simon Hindle, myself and Michael Hindle all managed to blag our way onto, not realising that it was, in fact, free to use to Future people *after* the show shut down). Special mention should go to the lesser-spotted Michael Hindle, who was also at the show, as "Threep Gundworthy (III), Borneo representative and culinary expert", and who played an important part in the "war at the end". As well as causing severe psychological distress to stand holders throughout the arena. Domark still haven't recovered to this date.

Highlights of the show: actually being recognised. Mind you, being dressed up in full garb, I should hope so.

Lowlights of the show: Andy Crane.

(I still wear fedoras to this day).