More Of Sir Clive's Failed Inventions

Sir Clive's Latest Inventions

Number 1: The X-Bike

This has been released (despite what I was claiming before), although I've never seen it in any shops. But it was featured on 'Hot Gadgets'. Basically, the X-Bike is a cross between a pair of scissors, and a bike. The idea being, apparently, that you can "fold it up, and take it on the bus". Hmm.. a bike, which encourages you to take the bus, instead of riding it. Now that's innovative.

Number 2: Wrist Mounted Two-Way Communicator

According to YS - well, according to Iolo Davidson, who wrote a page in YS once, about Sir Clive's sell-out to Amstrad - Sinclair was planning to release a wrist-mounted two way video communicator with built-in satellite dish and batteries in the shoes.

Number 3: The Zeta (or Zyta or something)

According to Sir Clive, the "Zeta-II is a electric motor which goes on the back of your bicycle, and it's selling very well". Nobody knows what happened to the original Zeta (or, indeed, the C4)

Number 4: Small Flying Car

Currently being designed, the mass-market small flying car is only mentioned here because we doubt it will be a success.

Number 5: The Sinclair C6 (and others)