Cover-mounted freebies

During it's time, YS featured many groovy cover-mounted freebies which were, erm, mounted on the cover. And they were free. The aforementioned goodies ranged from tapes, which were actually featured every month, but varied in quality, depending on whether Whistlin' Rick was singin' on them or not, to free badges of which there were 5 to collect. Sadly, you needed to buy 5 issues of the mag to be able to collect all 5. The badges featured the hottest speccy games of the day, mainly Back to the Future 3, Robocop 2, Ghostbusters 2, and one other, ALS probably, as well as an exclusive YS Spec-Chum badge. Earlier freebies included a badge to celebrate Sir Clive's engagement to 'Curvy' Bernadette Tynan, and probably some stickers at one stage. They were better than the free gifts that other Dennis/Future publishing mags gave away - Game Zone rather stupidly gave away some free water balloons and a water pistol. Other gifts included the 'Bog Off' door hangar what got changed to 'Push Off' which didn't quite have the same effect, and the sample copies of Zero Magazine and, of course, the YS Tipshop Tiptionary, which was a small version of the proper tiptionary which you could buy and Madame Pico got the price wrong or something.