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The Official YS Management Simulator

The ultimate footy manny game from the Shed that brought you Advanced Lawnmower Simulator.

 10 PAPER 0: INK 6: BORDER 0: CLS: PRINT "Welcome to the Official YS
    Management Simulator."
 20 INPUT "Type in your name, team and players:";a$,b$,c$
 30 PRINT "Calculating statistics."
 40 FOR f=1 TO 1000: PRINT AT 5,0;RND*100;"  ": NEXT f
 50 PRINT "Bad luck, your team lost.": GOTO 20

YS's reviewer said, "You can change the players' names and everything. It's packed with features, and it's perfect for fans of the genre. I'm giving it 79%."

YS's reviewer was clearly under the influence of some alcoholic substance, or drugs perhaps, as whoever-it-was clearly had forgotton that YS never marked anything in percentages. They used marks out of ten, initially, then moved on to a temperature scale in degrees. Clearly, this was on the Celsius scale, with 100 being boiling point, and 0 being freezing. However, one reader cleverly noticed that YS didn't actually ever say which scale they were using (or perhaps just wrote in suggesting they change it), and started talking about Kelvins, and if the scale had been in Kelvins, then 100 would only be about -173C. A phonomenonally cool temperature. Hence the hottest games ever reviewed in YS, might actually be rated at below freezing point. Blimey.