YSAC Haylp!

This application, based on the wonderful Your Sinclair magazine was (originally) created using Genesis Pro on the Acorn. This version was painstakingly converted by hand to HTML from the iX/AmigaGuide version. It works just like the World Wide Web (which is strange, as this is the on-line WWW version). It was then painstakingly re-converted by hand to this Wiki format.

Any links which state Download [filename] ([format]) will link to a download on another site. Please CHECK THE FILENAME, as sometimes there is more than one link to the same downloadable file. Check the format as well - 'snapshot' or 'tape file' are for Speccy emulators. Anything else should be self explanatory. If you don't recognise the format, then you probably can't use it!

Any links marked Play > [name] will link to an AIFF (or possibly mp3) format sound sample. Please note that not all the sound files are available. In fact, most aren't.

Any links saying (external) will go to another site totally unconnected with YSAC (occasionally, this automated feature gets confused and the link is in fact on YSAC). We have no control over the content of external sites.

Note that there are some extra YSAC information pages and Stuart N Hardy things on the 'normal' (although I've never heard it called that!) site at http://www.unsatisfactorysoftware.co.uk. Don't be alarmed if you are suddenly taken there without warning - it is sort of a part of YSAC. Also, when you are there, you could quite easily be whisked off back to this site at http://www.yoursinclair.co.uk

That is all the help you are getting. Just press the buttons that you want. It's easy!!! Don't you even know that yet? I do!!

This application was (originally) created by Chris Young & Phillip Lake of Unsatisfactory Software (C) July - October 1996 and Jan - May 1997 and a bit of 1998 as well. And every other year since then.

A fuller and more up-to-date list of people involved can be found on the contact information page. Leave it alone or you'll get some chin-pistons on your pie factory.

A big thankyou goes to Matthew Garrett for using about 4MB of his web space to host YS:AC for several years.

We accept no responsibility for anything that happens which might be remotely connected to this multimedia application in some way. Please note that this site is designed in order to entertain, and not to be factually correct. A lot of this is made-up lies. Use the information at your own risk!

If you wish to link to this website, please use the all-new shiny address http://www.yoursinclair.co.uk, most other addresses are likely to already be rendered invalid.

Copyright: Please, if you are the copyright holder of anything on this site, and you want it removed, then e-mail webmaster@yoursinclair.co.uk, and it will be removed at the earliest opportunity. Better still, create an account and edit it out yourself. This website is not affiliated with Future or Dennis Publishing and we are not responsible for the content of external sites. Authors of wiki content take responsibility for their own additions.

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