Cover versions of Hold My Hand Very Tightly (Very Tightly)

Unbelievably, only two cover versions of Hold My Hand Very Tightly (Very Tightly) have been discovered to be in existence. The first was sung by Neil Hughes during his talk at Bright Lights '07, which we assume must be a domestic and industrial lighting manufacturers expo/conference. Neil is probably the Director of Street Furniture at Wessex council, and the song an attempt to lighten the mood after a three hour seminar entitled "Why Street Lights Glow Orange". This was followed by light sabre fighting with torches, and we can only guess at what other japes filled the rest of the day.

The video, for your extreme entertainment, is below. Don't expect it to live up to Whistlin' Rick's high standards.

The second, was by Lightfoot Bros/The Helmholtz Resonators. You can read about it or buy the EP.