Irrelevant Drivel

As you will find out elsewhere in this application, David Wilson wrote a song. In fact, the majority of YS contained nothing to do with Spectrums at all (Pssst! - supposedly the news pages - was the main culprit). In Psst! they explained how YS was taken over by Future Publishing. Alledgedelly, the boss of Future was trying to buy a second-hand Sinclair C5. Miraculously, he accidentally called Dennis Publishing instead. The conversation went like this:

"Hello, I'd like to buy your Sinclair"
"Certainly, that'll be 30,000, please."
"30,000? That's rather a lot for an electric tricycle!"
"I'd hardly describe it as that. OK, you have it for 380 quid, and we'll even throw in the editor."
"Would it be possible to deliver it?"
"Yes, but it'll cost you an extra fiver"

So Future's boss thought he had just bought a cheap C5, including an Editor, whatever that was. The YS team made their journey to Bath...

Unfortunately, the 5 delivery charge wouldn't buy all the train tickets, so Duncan suggested they all dress as guards and pretend to be Swedish.

When the YS team turned up on the doorstep, the boss of Future had nowhere for them, so set up a shed in the back garden - the YS Shed.

In later issues, when there were only two Speccy owners left in the country, Andy Hutchinson set up a Haylp! problem page for reader's personal problems. This was a grotesque error.

YS also achieved fame itself, as it was featured in a tie-in reader's competition with ITV's Ghost Train programme. Art Ed Catherine P appeared to announce who had won the "Design-the-front-cover-of-next-month's-YS" competition.

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