Kindly Leave The Stage

Kindly Leave The Stage

Q: What's the definition of a drawing pin?
A: An excited Smartie.

Q: What do an apple and an orange have in common?
A: Neither of them can drive tractors.

Q: What's green and spongey?
A: A green sponge.

Q: What do people in Devon call cats?
A: Cats

Q: What's red and invisible?
A: No tomatoes

Three horses were crossing the street. One was black, one was white and one was too slow to jump out of the way!

A guy walks down the street and bumps into someone with an orange for a head. The guy asks him why he has an orange for a head, and he explains that he'd found a genie who granted him three wishes.

"For my first wish, " he says, "I asked for all the wealth in the world, and hey presto, I was rich beyond my wildest dreams."

"Wow!" says the first guy. "What else did you wish for?"

"I wished for world peace and happiness, and it happened."

"Excellent! But what about your third wish?"

"I wished I had an orange for a head."

Kindly Leave The Stage accompanied Matt to Super Play where it ran unaltered for the entire life of the mag, except for a bit at the end where it went slightly wrong and jokes started getting over 5/10 and thus winning prizes. It was like giving out a Trainspotter or something. Tsk.

But it didn't leave YS - so there were two of them in a sort of spooky splitty mutant way.