Linda Barker

Linda Barker, no relation to Mr Barker the dog off of BBC TV's Dear Mr Barker, was the proprietor of the YS Tipshop in it's later years, following in the footsteps of Phil Snout. She also had a spell as editor after Hutch left, and was probably one of the last editors. Apart from that and the bit on the Haylp! Problem Page, she didn't do much else as far as we can recall. She did, however, like going to raves and stuff and she once took a whole week off work to go to a rave. That is all.

Jonathan Nash once wrote to the Antiques Roadshow purporting to be Linda's great-grandmother, asking for an autographed photo of one of the presenters. He kindly sent one back, which eventually turned up in YS in one of the Special Guest Star spots when there were only about two people left doing it.