Matt Bielby

Belly button fluff: Not blue, so must be an impostor

Matt Bielby : Editor of YS 1989-91. Matt was once sent some belly button fluff from a person claiming to be Sir Clive Sinclair, but the fluff was later proven to be false, and that the perpretrator's real name was Ric Bradley from Saxilby, Lincs. Through the letters page he was also once sent some jam, but something went wrong and a Post Office letter of apology was included, as the jam packet had somehow opened in the post. Oh, and Matt also recieved some Garfield Scratch 'n' Sniff Stickers. But he was rude to the person who sent them and had to apologise promptly.

Matt eating his breakfast
Another autograph to add to your collection

Matt "Gadgy the Ninja Duck" Bielby oversaw the YS move from London to Bath (or more correctly agreed to Dunc's suggestion that they all dress as train guards and pretend to be Swedish because they couldn't afford the fare) and is the most famous YS Ed after T'zer, which is clever wording because - he came after T'zer! Marvellous. Possibly his single most lasting contribution to history is the exclamation, "Spook!"

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