Kati & Co.

Kati 'New Girl' Hamza

Kati Hamza, top left, allegedly had to change schools 72 times a year, due to her dad being a travelling salesman.

Trenton 'Stolen From Format' Webb

Trenton "Stolen from Amiga Format" Webb is not really known to YS readers, as he didn't really work there. Browsing through old issues (well, one) of AF enlightened us to the fact that Trent is not a special piece of material used for dress-making.

His single appearance in the Shed was part of an enormously complicated bet that he could be in every games mag that month.

Rebecca 'Work Experience' Norley

Rebecca Norley, third from the top, was at YS for a week. Doing work experience. She successfully managed to review Altered Beast, and even managed to get a fan club started...

Jon 'Practical Pokes' North

Jon North, at the bottom, was responsible for the Practical Pokes bit (basically some complicated programming to help non-Multiface owners cheat). Nobody knows what he looks like (no photos of him were published) or even roughly what he looks like (no juggler pic either, see).

Robin Alway - Sam Surgeon

Robin Alway, above, was responsible for the "SAM Surgeon" SAM Coupé help section. Contrary to popular belief, the SAM Coupé was in fact a computer, and not a car.

The YSAC team were saddened to hear of the death of Graeme Kidd aka the Mayor of Ludlow. Although not previously featured in YSAC, our thoughts are with his family and it seems fitting to put a little message here.