The 100th Page!

This is the 100th Page (well, actually it's not because it's the 101st page, but it's been adorned with the title Page 100 by Genesis Pro. It happens because it starts with Page 0, so it's all down to the way Genesis numbers it's pages. So it's either Page 100 or Page 101. You Decide.). What's more, according to Genesis Pro this piece of text is the 1000th piece of text, or the 1001st. Anyway, all this is irrelevant now, as this is the HTML version and therefore has nothing to do with Genesis at all.

Welcome to C5 text! It's not as good as Ceefax but it's better than the dubiously-named 4-Tel on C4, which is rubbish, because it's got no pretty colours at the top. It does however feature the 'magic eye' picture though, because all teletext channels have one probably.

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Teletext is quite good because it's like a sort of free version of the Internet except you can't download stuff or look at particulary interesting pages. And the graphics aren't as good. Plus it hasn't got as many pages. And Plus As Well it's slower. In fact teletext isn't that good after all. Although you can have subtitles of your favourite programmes.