Phil 'Snouty' South

Phil South, or Snouty to the YS team, was the bloke largely responsible for the YS Tipshop pages in which he used to deal in tips for games at low prices. He also single-handedly (with help from Marcus Berkmann) wrote YS for a year and a half from 1987. After a while he left (sob!) to work on Amiga Computing magazine, doing absolutely nothing to do with tips, so he could not use his expertise that he so brilliantly showed whilst working on YS. He managed to write a few Amiga-related pages in Computer Shopper, while simultaneously advertising at the end of his article every month, despite the fact it has nothing to do with what he has just written. It also has nothing to do with what you are reading, so this causes the link to the site to almost become relevant.

Snouty writes: I've been around a bit since YS, made an adventure game with Magnetic Scrolls called FISH! which was a critical success but a financial flop. Since the 80s I've been working as a writer and more recently a graphics and web design consultant. I also do animations and video for corporate clients. I grew up, settled down had kids and became part of the establishment. Pretty much the same happened to everyone else.

He is no relation of Snouty the Warthog, a friend of Farty the Warthog who belonged to Jonathan Davies.

Oh, and you might like to look at Phil's movie, Zombies Ate My Brain

Some bloke off of Computer Shopper magazine thinks Snouty looks like Steven Stills - what do you reckon? And who is Steven Stills anyway?